Accession 290
Title β-Arrestin 1 inhibits the GTPase-activating protein function of ARHGAP21, promoting activation of RhoA following angiotensin II type 1A receptor stimulation
Summary Using information gleaned from a peptide array, we developed a cell-permeant peptide that serves to inhibit the interaction of these proteins. Using this peptide, we demonstrate that disruption of the β-arrestin 1/ARHGAP21 complex results in a more active ARHGAP21, leading to less-efficient signaling via the angiotensin II type 1A receptor and, thereby, attenuation of stimulated stress fiber formation.
Journal Mol Cell Biol.
Publish date December, 2010
Corresponding Author G. S. Baillie
Array Type Peptide array
Species Homo sapiens
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PubMed ID:21173159