About Protein Microarray Database (PMD)


Protein microarray is a powerful technology for both basic research and clinical study. However, because there is no database specifically tailored for protein microarray, the majority of the valuable original protein microarray data is still not publically accessible. To address this issue, we constructed Protein Microarray Database (PMD), which is specifically designed for archiving and analyzing protein microarray data. By now, there are 137 projects with 156 protein microarrays from 21 different species included in PMD. Additionally, over 590 high-impact publications about protein microarray technologies have also been included in PMD.

PMD contains four main modules:

1、Experimental data. Provide the raw data and samples annotation for protein microarray projects.

2、Array information. Provide array platform information for experimental data.

3、Article. Provide high-impact publications about protein microarrays.

4、Analysis tool. Provide online tools for protein microarray data analysis.