Accession 449
Title Peptide microarray with ligands at high density based on symmetrical carrier landscape phage for detection of cellulase
Summary The cellulytic enzyme endoglucanase I (EG I) was used as a model for selection of its specific peptide ligands from the f8/8 landscape library. The fluorescent signal of the phage EGSDPRMV-mediated peptide microarray was more reproducible and about four times higher than the value for pVIII-fused EGSDPRMV-based microarray, suggesting the high efficiency of the proposed phage EGSDPRMV-mediated peptide immobilization method.
Journal Anal Chem.
Publish date May, 2014
Corresponding Author Aihua Liu
Array Type Peptide array; Technological development of protein array
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PubMed ID:24837076