Accession 646
Title The chimeric antibody chLpMab-7 targeting human podoplanin suppresses pulmonary metastasis via ADCC and CDC rather than via its neutralizing activity
Summary We developed a novel mouse anti-hPDPN mAb, LpMab-7, which is more sensitive than D2-40 and NZ-1, using the Cancer-specific mAb (CasMab) method. The epitope of LpMab-7 was shown to be entirely different from that of NZ-1, a neutralizing mAb against the PLAG domain according to an inhibition assay and lectin microarray analysis.
Journal Oncotarget
Publish date September, 2015
Corresponding Author Yukinari Kato
Array Type Lectin array
Species Homo sapiens
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PubMed ID:26416352