Accession PMDE10
Name CRL4(CRBN) ubiquitin ligase profiling
Description In the 1950s the drug thalidomide administered as a sedative to pregnant women led ot the birth of thousands of children with multiple defects. Despite its teratogenicity, thalidomide and ist IMiD derivatives recently emerged as effective treatments for multiple myeloma and 5q-dysplasia. IMiDs target the CUL4-RBX1-DDB1-CRBN (CRL4(CRBN)) ubiquitin ligase. Through an unbiased screen we identify the homeobox trranscription factor MEIS2 as an endogenous substrate of CRL4(CRBN).
Publication Structure of the DDB1-CRBN E3 ubiquitin ligase in complex with thalidomide (Go to PubMed)
Provider Eric S Fischer
Species Homo sapiens
Subspecies Empty
Array type Multi-array
Sample Serum
Number of array 16
Array(1) Invitrogen ProtoArray v5.0 (full array layout)
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