Accession PMDE138
Name Immunosignature system for diagnosis of cancer
Description To explore the ability of an immunosignature to detect and identify multiple diseases simultaneously, 20 samples from each of five cancer cohorts collected from multiple sites and 20 noncancer samples (120 total) were used as a training set to develop a reference immunosignature. A blinded evaluation of 120 blinded samples covering the same diseases gave 95% classification accuracy. To investigate the breadth of the approach and test sensitivity to biological diversity further, immunosignatures of >1,500 historical samples comprising 14 different diseases were examined by training with 75% of the samples and testing the remaining 25%.
Publication Immunosignature system for diagnosis of cancer (Go to PubMed)
Provider Phillip Stafford
Species Homo sapiens
Subspecies Empty
Array type Multi-array
Sample Serum
Number of array 2
Array(2) 10K immunosignaturing peptide microarray version 2 ASU_random-sequence peptide microarray
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