Accession PMDE146
Name PI3K/mTOR specific phospho-antibody microarray to study the effect of rapamycin to the innate immune respsonse
Description To comprehensively analyze the effects of mTORC1 inhibition on GSK3, we employed the use of a PI3K/mTOR-specific phospho-antibody microarray that analyzed the site-specific phosphorylation of over 130 kinases within the PI3K/mTOR pathway. The phosphorylation levels of different kinases in monocytes were measured when stimulated with LPS in the presence or absence of a kind of mTORC1 inhibitor, rapamycin
Publication Convergence of the mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1- and glycogen synthase kinase 3-β-signaling pathways regulates the innate inflammatory response (Go to PubMed)
Provider huizhi wang
Species Homo sapiens
Subspecies Empty
Array type Antibody array
Sample Cell lysate
Number of array 2
Array(1) mTOR Signaling Phospho Specific Antibody Microarray
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