Accession PMDE163
Name Broad spectrum antibodies to self-antigens and cytokines in RAG deficiency
Description Overall, this work describes the largest cohort of patients with RAG mutations and an associated phenotype consisting of combined immunodeficiency and granulomatous lesions and/or autoimmunity (CID-G/AI). By using multiple methods (microarray, ELISA and multiplex bead technology), we have consistently identified a distinctive signature of anti-cytokine antibodies in patients with RAG-dependent immunodeficiencies, especially in those with CID-G/AI and a history of severe viral infections. These autoantibodies were not detected in a large panel of patients with other forms of primary immunodeficiency, and may therefore represent a novel biomarker panel of this condition.
Publication Broad Spectrum Antibodies to Self-Antigens and Cytokines in RAG Deficiency (Go to PubMed)
Provider Jacob Rosenberg
Species Homo sapiens
Subspecies Empty
Array type Proteome array
Sample Purified protein
Number of array 33
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